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Hello, Yuletide Writer! Thank you for offering to write for me!

Here are my thoughts on what I requested:

1) Agent Pendergast stuff. I actually like most of the characters, but I guess Corrie and Aloysius were the only ones that they listed this year...so. I do like Corrie a lot, and I'm sort of fond of matching her up with Constance, either as girlfriends or in a "Hey, why don't I have my modern teenaged girl buddy teach my ancient teenaged girl buddy how to navigate modern life?" I'm not a huge fan of Margo, but I enjoy her interacting with Nora and Bill (if you want to pretend Bill is just in the hospital or something, I'm totally cool with that). I like Pendergast family backstory and strangeness (if you haven't read the new short story "Extraction," you totally should--I LOVED it), and I like Aloysius because he's picky and nerdy and tragic and kind of an asshole. And if you like writing lots of description, I eat description up with a spoon...

2) Prometheus stuff. I did ask for David-centric stuff--I love David in the same way I love all movie robots...I'm actually gonna link you to a Tumblr post I made on David, here: Here! I have great sympathy for David as a thing that did not ask to be created as a robot and had no choice in the matter, but that's treated as a lesser being. If you have seen the original "Alien" movies, I would also be quite happy with something that meshed the two through some sort of...whatever. (However, I do hold that "Alien: Resurrection" NEVER HAPPENED, it would have been lovely if it did, but Joss Whedon was just busy with other things...)

3) holy crap I can't believe the Adventures of Alyx is on here, I love Joanna Russ. If you got my letter because of this, chances are you probably have a good idea of what kind of Alyx story you'd like to write, so I would be happy to see that. If you don't have a fantasy that's been brewing forever, pretty much what I said in my notes--I would really love to see more of Alyx and Edarra, the spoiled rich girl who hires Alyx to rescue her. I enjoyed her.

4) I'm Jewish, so the Hebrew Hammer was a movie I cherished. I actually watch it every December 24th while having a Chinese food party with some friends, because sometimes I want to be a stereotype. Passover is my favorite holiday, and it's iconic enough that if you aren't Jewish or familiar with Jewish culture, you're probably at least passingly familiar with it and what it means. If not, you get to find out! This is a very fun, silly movie and I would especially like what you write for this to match it in tone.

Thank you again! :)


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