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Attn. Mt. Pleasant folks: I now offer this service! Or if you come to a party I'm at or I like you a lot I will do it for free.
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ETA: "Store brand pop somehow tastes worse" should have been "Brand name pop somehow tastes worse." But I can't change the poll now. :(

slash poll

Feb. 21st, 2008 12:34 am
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k guys, this is the result of a conversation I had with [livejournal.com profile] drworm speculating about the correlation between personal orientation and attitudes towards character orientation in slash-based fandom. (For the uninitiated: Slash fanfic is fanfiction about same-sex romantic relationships between characters. Now you know.)
Please feel free to link this anywhere and everywhere that fannish activity is going on. I am genuinely curious. ETA: If you do, please let me know! It would just be cool. Or if you came from a place you were linked to, let me know where you were linked from. Thanks!

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Cut for otic TMI )

Halfway through The Vampire Lestat for Weinstock's class. We had an interesting discussion about why Lestat was so popular to emulate, and Dracula was not. I mean, people run around pretending to be Lestat--there's a kid on campus, a tall, pale drink o' water, who swans around in a black trenchcoat and "Vampire Lestat" painted on his backpack. He came to game once and didn't seem to like it much. I wanted to ask him why he was stuck on a little Midwestern college campus instead of touring the world with his vampire rock band, if he was really Lestat, but I get the feeling that he's mostly pretending to be Lestat for that very reason. Dave even wanted to be Lestat for ICC ("Don't be that guy," I said), and apparently he really does believe in vampires. On the other hand, who pretends to be Dracula? Why is this?
Some reasons why )
Coincidentally, one of my best friends in high school was a tubby little goth girl who believed for a time that she was a vampire. She went to great lengths to "prove" this to me, often by running across the room or arm-wrestling me to prove her superior strength and speed (I'm slow and weak--it doesn't take supernatural strength to beat me in a display of physical prowess), trying to drink her own blood ("That's probably unhealthy," I said), and telling me about the chipmunks she caught to feed on ("Poor chipmunks!", I said, not believing her for a minute).
Once, while I was spending the evening at her house, I decided to make pasta. I took out a fresh clove of garlic and was about to start chopping it, when she grabbed my arm so hard she left fingernail marks. "Don't! I'm allergic to garlic. I break out in spots."
"Okay," I said. "Is that because you're a vampire?"
She gave me a blank look. "No," she said. "It's just a coincidence. Oh, and keep some of that ground beef raw for me; I need more blood."

We're also reading Marlowe's Dr. Faustus in English Lit. I actually like Goethe's a little more, because of the emphasis on knowledge rather than just "the world," and the funky contract...actually, I really like Michael Swanwick's Jack Faust. But no matter what version you're reading, the text does pose some interesting questions...

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Because now I'm curious about this.

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ETA: If you feel comfortable doing so, please elaborate in comments.
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Annie just came by and said that my face was looking better. It's stopped hurting and I can actually open my left eye, but it's also covered in yellowish pus. Nice.

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I've been listening to nothing but "Tommy" for the past three days. I'm already sending three people on my f'list copies. As a celebratory gesture for getting through sophomore year, once I get home from college, I plan to spread the love.
This album seriously means a lot to me, and I would like other people to hear it and experience its awesomeness.

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Typing this on library computer. Internet in dorm still very spotty, although I managed to get online for a few minutes last night before it went kaput again. This kind of thing happens a lot around this time of year--I remember how last spring, each page took five minutes to load and it just wasn’t worth it to try to get on. Internet time will be restricted mostly to half-hours between classes for a while. So if I haven’t commented on something you want me to comment on, it is not because I do not love you, it is because it's 125 entries back and I have to go to Bio class. If there is anything that anyone desperately needs my opinion on, let me know.
(Also, if I don't have your phone number yet and you want me to call you anyway, leave it in comments--I am screening them so you do not have to worry about other Internet people you don't know calling you.)

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Now I'm worried. My heart's been doing this odd little fluttering thing all day, and it doesn't hurt or anything, but it feels like that one part of my body is just not paying attention to what the rest of me is doing. I haven't drunk a lot of coffee or gone running or anything. Maybe I should get more exercise...but not while it's doing this, because I don't want it to explode or something.
Fuck, there it goes again. I'm going to walk over to the med center.

Anyway, I just discovered that I have a Bio essay due tomorrow at 5. I didn't know about this before, because I am too dumb to check Blackboard and also I've been focusing on my Vic Lit class. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I know what I'm going to be doing tonight.

And I haven't even eaten anything yet. Today has been great.

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Oh, and personal Valentine's Day challenge is still open. Go, srsly, I want a good excuse to write smutty doggerel.
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I think I'm probably the only person in the world who is upset that CastleZZT has suddenly completely changed. It used to be this enormous thing with weird cut-outs and mathematical diagrams that I had no chance of ever understanding and had to scroll down forever to read.
Temporalectopia is still there. And this story about a rectangle, which depresses me in a really interesting way. The other House of Stairs comics (I am wondering whether the title has anything to do with the William Sleator book) are here. There's a Metafilter thing with more links than are listed on the page here. I'm trying to find a web archive of the old page or something, but it seems to be gone forever.
I deeply admire Jack Masters. I have no idea why. I rather want to IM or E-mail him, but I am slightly scared to. I occasionally leave comments on his weblog. He even did a comic based on some meta-constraints I put up for him once.

Hmph. Anyway, Poetry Collective switched to 8 PM Thursday nights, which doesn't really change my schedule that much. I do little during the week.
BJ Williams explained why I shouldn't feel bad about not understanding my own poem; even he does not understand his own poems, sometimes. The important thing, apparently, is that someone does. Probably. Theoretically. You know, it'll eventually make sense to at least one person on the planet. AND THAT'S THE IMPORTANT PART.
I still feel like I should understand my own, though. I've got this one I'm working on that won't gel, no matter what I do with it, and I think I'm almost on the verge of knowing what it's about. Which means it'll turn right into a story. It's something about...mmm, I'm not sure. I do have two versions; one is the original, with straight lines, and the other one is pretty much clipped up and put together in some odd patterns. Debating whether to just post the first version here and see if anyone else can make something of it, because I've just about given up.

Interesting, the A key has worn off. It's completely blank. The E, O, S, D, F, G, H, L, B, N, and M keys aren't looking so good either. The other ones look fine.

I think I'll do a poll. I haven't done one in a while.

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I have a headache. I wrote a huge entry about the party which is not really about the party per se but what I thought about in a fifteen-minute span while I was there, and it's on my laptop. You get it when I get to Dad's tonight.

The end-of-the-year retrospective seems to be popular on friendslist. I can't remember a thing I did this year. Help me out here.

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Good. I'm going to go lie down.
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PAPER IS DONE. Signs are being made. Markers are being sniffed. Movies will be watched. But first...

Survey says:
I should be doing my homework. (Hothotangst fanfic comes after that.) TICKYBOXES seem to be popular. 13 people owe me pudding cups. And I should be fantasizing about Agent Pendergast and various verions of Jeffrey Combs eating spinach dip and Hawaiian bread atop a pile of retarded Mexican babies on the altar of a church while "Danielle" Elfman watches.
Actually, [livejournal.com profile] starlasoma wins at impromptu pr0n: "Buttonplay was his new passtime in meetings. Ran his fingers over his shirt buttons in circles seemingly absently, keeping a sly eye out for watchers. When his fingers would slip past the cloth to smooth over his own chest, he noticed who gasped..."

Because [livejournal.com profile] sighing_echo asked, and because I need a little direction, here is another poll:

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