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I wrote this as a final assignment for Jeffery Weinstock's "Vampires in Film and Literature" class. It was an excellent class; we traced the development of the pop-culture vampire from "Varney the Vampire" on, and discussed the use of the vampire as a symbol and what it meant.

This is a Stephen King parody, and I've tried to replicate his typical protagonist and as much of his voice as I could handle.

Shadow Staking )
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I wrote this for the One-Act Play Festival for my high school in 12th grade. I didn't know about it until the day scripts were due, when my English teacher mentioned that the festival had always traditionally had a parody of a classic work in it, and the drama kids had dropped the ball. I wrote this at lunchtime and presented it to her afterwards.

The production was a hit, and I wish I could find the videotape of it. I posted it on Fanfiction.Net (although it got taken down later because of their rule against script format stories), and the next summer, I got an e-mail from another high school who wanted to produce it. They even sent me a videotape of their performance, which also seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle from house to house. I'm sure they're around somewhere, of course.

The Parodie of Romeo and Juliet )


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