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There was a knockin’ at my door
It’s the dreaded landlord
He wants his rent and wants it now, he is careless how
He left us in a vacant daze, asking how we got here.
And we retired to slumber but, the glasses never were rinsed.

There was a tappin’ on my back
It’s the dreaded foreman
I think I see a smile through his teeth and his cigar
He put my hands to work and said I'd otherwise do nothin’
And I made a thousand things today, I’m sure I’ll never use.

There was a ringin’ on my phone
I picked it up to answer, they said they were my comrade.
But they couldn’t say my name
So I asked them about the sun and moon
And what their thoughts on time were
They hung it up in madness and went on to punch the clock

And somewhere there’s a sound of someone singing
I got an invitation once to liberty
They had a mischief brew but, no goblets were used
Besting rum or porter ’tis a liquor never brewed.

There was a knockin’ at my door
It’s the dreaded policemen
He had a ticket to enter signed by fools of Sanford laws
And he questioned me on politics and scorned my generation
For not respecting elders and lands authority

When the landlord came to knock,
I said “Come back tomorrow
There’s more life I’ll be living than just slaving for your wage
And to the troop and foreman.
Make yourself the things I don’t use.
For I’m off into the forest for a liquor never brewed!”

Today I'm following the sound sound of someone singing
I got an invitation once to liberty
They had a mischief brew but, no goblets were used
Besting rum or porter ’tis a liquor never brewed

Listen to it here.
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I don't understand why everyone is so upset
About the way things are
I was born here and I love it here
And it seems to me we did ourselves a favor

Old people, shut up about the golden age
I have heard about the golden age
In your generation, whining nostalgia
Makes me tune right out

"Blah, blah, I miss the stars
I heard they look liked pinpricks in a sheet of tin foil
On the window of a dark room"...BIG DEAL!

They said "Sunsets never used to look like this, all blues and greens"
They're beautiful!
Admit it, they're beautiful

It was never an apocalypse
It was our rebirth
Our brave new world
And WalMart X gave us chips in the head
Which gave us an edge on the walking dead

I'm not afraid of the living dead
All you gotta do is shoot em in the head
They fall right down, and let's admit
They were the walking dead a long time ago

[instrumental interlude]

It was there
The writing on the wall
It's funny how they never talk about that at all
But as you can see from a thousand miles away
Exactly where we'd be today

With your peak oil production
Your Con Ed disasters
Genetic mutations going faster and faster
Your supercolliders ripping holes in space
Your virtual world, set tonight, time of place

I love it here
This is my home
That would destroy it deserves to be gone
It's a beautiful place full of new possibilities
A canvas wiped clean, the new human race

I have this song on my MySpace profile now.
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What can one say about the World Inferno Friendship Society? They're a traveling circus of klezmer rock, a flawlessly coordinated orchestra of ragtag gypsies. I'm also pretty sure that Jack Terricloth, the lead singer, is some sort of musical trickster spirit spawned from the collective unconscious of a thousand years of punks.
I've listened to their stuff on and off ever since Brian brought home some CDs, but it's only been recently that I've really clicked with the music. Hope to see their live show sometime soon-ish; people who've gone tell me it's a treat.
You will like World Inferno if you like:
A) Oingo Boingo--there's a lot of accordion and cabaret-inspired melodies, and the songs exhibit the kind of hyperactive joy and total melancholy that I associate with Boingo at their best. Jack Terricloth's voice even sounds surprisingly like Danny Elfman's.
B) Gypsies and gypsy music. No, I'm serious, it's like a bunch of Romany musicians got their hands on electric guitars and a real nice drum set.

Download "Friend to the Friendless"
Not sure who the female vocalist is on here, but her voice works damn well with Jack's. The song is a slow, foggy tribute to melancholy, full of accordions and flutes. This is a song to listen to when you're suicidal, but don't want to die just yet; like the comforting arm of a stranger slung over your shoulder at 3 AM, it's just letting you know that you're not alone.
Don't let the blues make you bad )

Download "Tattoos Fade"
This one's a little more modern-sounding, a little faster with more shrieking guitar that only serves to highlight the jangling piano and deep drum behind it. Lovely, driving song about the ethereality of permanence, about the feeling of grasping at meaning because everything else doesn't seem to ever stay. A theme song for the frequently nostalgic, the permanently confused, and the inked.
It's not as important to persevere as to doubt )

Download "All the World is a Stage (Dive)"
Deceptively happy and carnivalesque. The stage show during this song has fire breathers, a merry-go-round, a thousand elephants...and clowns. The song itself looks like confetti, the most colorful confetti you could ever imagine, falling forever, and a thousand little punk children dancing merrily in it. Be happy!
Don’t forget how it feels kids, and don’t crap out )

Download "Only Anarchists Are Pretty"
An anarchist love song, simple as that. Sort of like what Yeats might have written to Maud Gonne if he'd left his island with all the bees and the roses and the musty old kings in chariots and gone to throw bricks through windows and maybe learned to play guitar.
Watching you strut down the street telling everyone to go to hell )

Download "Me Vs. the Angry Mob"
I'm not really sure what I could say to explain this song, except that I love the idea that it really happened, that Jack Terricloth is really the type of guy who has to run from a crowd he's pissed off with a smart quip, and that he exists enough to get scared and worried about his chances of surviving and nostalgic for his friend who can't run from crowds with him anymore.
Some day it'll be one bon mot too many )

ETA: Download all the songs here on Sendspace!
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[Poll #819174]
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In lieu of a proper update, songspam. Chapters to read, essays to write, pots to clean from super-elaborate chicken dinner last night. Also new posters to hang up. Shall attempt to find camera to document room & possibly cats.

"The Immigrant Song", by Led Zeppelin
Download it!
The Industrial Revolution was spurred on by the many immigrants that swelled America's population between 1870 and 1900, who were able to find jobs producing food in the desolate Western territories, or working in factories for low pay.
We come from the land of the ice and snow )

"Welcome to the Machine", Pink Floyd
Download it!
As factories became more and more commonplace and more efficient to run, small "cottage industries" and traditional artisans found themselves displaced and run out of business by large corporations that could afford to produce more and pay their unskilled laborers less.
Welcome, my son, welcome to the machine )

"Wabash Cannonball", trad. by Doc Watson
Download it!
Commerce and shipping became easier with the introduction of the railroad system, which allowed companies to extend their reach as far out as their trains would run.
They tell her by her whistle, the Wabash cannonball )

"Telegraph Road", by Dire Straits
Download it!
Another invention that contributed to the Industrial Revolution was the telegraph, which allowed quick communication between towns and companies.
Then came the churches, and then came the schools, and then came the lawyers, and then came the rules )

"How the West Was Won", Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers
Download it!
As the immigrant population expanded, the U.S. government concentrated their efforts on setting up increasingly smaller and less fertile reservations for the native Americans.
Break the back of the working man )

"Sixteen Tons", trad. by Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers
Listen to it
As more factories began to use steam power, the need for coal and other fuels rose, spurring many companies to open up many coal mines in previously unexplored areas.
I sold my soul to the company store )

NOTE: Please tell me if you'd like me to keep doing music posts, and if you have any themes you'd particularly like to see me try for. I have a lot of music to share, and it's a good way to unwind from studying.
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The Crucifucks were a Lansing punk band, led by Doc Corbin Dart, a complete nutcase whose wealthy family now pays him a stipend to never mention his lineage. DCD's voice is uniquely annoying. It's like a cross between Pee-Wee Herman and Crispin Glover's voice...and actually, the two songs I'm about to share with you would probably be equally at home on Pee-Wee's Playhouse or on another Crispin album. Most of the other songs on the first album are perfectly normal, cartoonishly rage-filled anti-establishment yowls in the fine tradition of GG Allin (to whom, by the way, I am a 3rd or 4th cousin--just found that out Sunday, and I'm kinda proud); these two are bizarre, disjointed, deceptively childish rants that sound like the blank mumblings of a recently de-institutionalized schizophrenic.

1. "By The Door," the Crucifucks
Download it from YouSendIt!
Listening to this song always makes me worry that when I look up, my room will have become a tilted, Cubist nightmare.
My kitchen counter is flat, and has canisters on it )

2. "Similar Items," the Crucifucks
Download it from YouSendIt!
Suburban person having an obsessive-compulsive breakdown? Is somebody about to get killed with an axe for asking one too many times about the laundry? Sure sounds like it.
Should this glass be sitting on this particular corner of the table? )

Enough crazy punks. I was planning to do a "what the fuck is wrong with the person who wrote this song" theme, but I've had my fill of that for the evening.
Brian just introduced me to this band today. Most of their songs are variations on themes of technologically-induced alienation and paranoia, futuristic meditations on a TV culture. I thought it was some flash-in-the-pan 1980s New Wave-pop band he was telling me about when I heard the first song...oh, how wrong I was. They have a MySpace and everything. Devo doesn't have a MySpace. You know how all these music magazines are going on and on about the rebirth of New Wave, when there are maybe one or two bands out there that even come close to the syntho goodness of the 80s? The Epoxies are the real deal, and the band members have the best punk names EVER.

3. "Synthesized," the Epoxies
Download it from YouSendIt!
Deserves a music video of some sort, possibly with Roxy Epoxy trying to escape from cheesy old green-screen patterned backgrounds. 20 years ago, this would have been the hit single.
Perfect fit for the machine: everyone is synthesized )

4. "Everything Looks Beautiful on Video," the Epoxies
Download it from YouSendIt!
Suicide by television. How very...Videodrome.
And if you need me switch me on--I’m always right behind the screen )

From the retroactive future (what would one call the vision of the future promised in the 1980s that never came true? The Gibson continuum? What happened to all those mirrorshades and neon sneakers and shit?) to the universal past. It's time for bluegrass! Bluegrass is blues for honkies, the punk rock of country music, down-home music far removed from all the glitz and glitter of the Nashville scene.
Hot Rize is one of the best bluegrass bands playing today. These songs are from "Untold Stories," which is pretty much their best album, especially with Jerry Douglas guesting on dobro (the sound of a well-played dobro can move me to tears). I got to see them (sans Jerry) at the Ark when I was 11 or 12--unfortunately, the last few times they've been in Ann Arbor I've been out of town.

5. "Shadows In My Room," Hot Rize
Download it from YouSendIt!
"My woman done gone and I'm lonely" is a very popular theme in bluegrass songs, but we never get to hear why she left. Is she dead? Did she run off with a boyfriend? Did the narrator come home drunk from the local honky-tonk one too many times? Justified or not, the reasons don't matter--she's gone anyway, and we can't help but sympathize.
When the sun goes down, I’m all alone with the shadows in my room )

6. "Just Like You," Hot Rize
Download it from YouSendIt!
This is on my permanent playlist of "songs that make me sniffle." Not sure if it's sadness for the lonely old folks or self-pity for my lonely future self. Both, I suppose.
Time moves only one way, you won't always be young )

Hmm, I really should have stuck with the first theme for this music post. I've run out of new songs to unload--most of what I've been listening to recently has been on tape or on CDs that I haven't uploaded to my computer yet. I've been using my little brother's old MP3 player in the car, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

Tell you what, everyone who downloads even one of these songs, recommend a song or a band to me. I need some more music, and I need it bad.
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More song posts instead of actual content, because I seem to have come down with something that's not quite a cold and is not quite a flu, but is rather unpleasant nonetheless. I'm not going to go to class tomorrow if I still feel this icky. It's probably just your average student mixture of bad food and lack of sleep.

[livejournal.com profile] bestfiend asked for songs concering

Human appendages

"Clap Your Hands," They Might Be Giants
Download "Clap Your Hands"
But you didn't say "Simon Says"!
Clap your hands! Stomp your feet! Jump in the air! )

"What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?", Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Download "What's the Ugliest Part Of Your Body?"
Download "What's the Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise)"
I can't help but think that this song may have been composed by an unusually cynical preschool teacher in an attempt to teach young children their body parts. Probably not, though.
Some say your nose, some say your toes )

"The Beast With Five Hands," the Groovie Ghoulies
Download "The Beast With Five Hands"
I picture a series of comic book covers illustrated in "Tales of the Crypt" style when I listen to this song.
But I don't think we'll marry 'cause I can't afford five rings )

"Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory," Guns 'n' Roses cover (originally by the New York Dolls)
Download "Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory"
I can't find a copy of the original, but this is just about as good. I did once get to see the Dolls do this song in concert, sans Johnny Thunders, of course.
It doesn't mean I didn't try, I just never know why )

"Praying Hands," Devo
Download "Praying Hands"
Mark Mothersbaugh tries to imagine an evangelistic Christian dance craze. Sounds like fun-diddly-un to me!
Roll over! Play dead! Get spiritual-minded! )

[livejournal.com profile] veevega's request was


"Orange Claw Hammer," Captain Beefheart
Download "Orange Claw Hammer"
I'm not sure what to make of this song except that I don't believe a word the narrator is saying.
I'll show you the wooden tits on the Goddess with the pole out, full sail )

"Social Disease," Elton John
Download "Social Disease"
This song is made no less enjoyable by the fact that it's not being sung by a genuine trailer-park hillbilly, but a middle-class English pop star.
I dress in rags, smell a lot, and have a real good time )

"Johnny B. Goode," originally by Chuck Berry
Download the original Chuck Berry version
Download the Judas Priest version
Download the AC/DC version
Download the Sex Pistols version
It cannot be denied that this song is the epitome of hillbilly success stories. Boy sees his name in lights! What else could ya want? It's also ridiculous how many versions I have of this. I like the Sex Pistols one best.
Go Johnny go! )

"Blue Moon of Kentucky," by Elvis Presley
Download "Blue Moon of Kentucky"
And here, of course, we have a song by the real-life epitome of hillbilly success, the representative of all that is tacky and fun about America, the King himself!
Shine on the one that's gone and left me blue )

"Coal Miner's Blues," Doc Watson
Download "Coal Miner's Blues"
Doc Watson was one of my favorite musicians when I was a kid. I've seen him three or four times in person; the first time, I was about five, and I fell asleep in the middle of the show. I still remember the bit where I was awake.
They are the soul blues, these mean ol' coal black blues )

[livejournal.com profile] dr_ninjapants requested songs about

Beef stew
I couldn't find any songs about beef, stew, or beef stew. Or even cows or soup. So instead, here are five songs that I have listened to while eating beef stew.

"Do Virgins Taste Better?," the Brobdingnagian Bards
Download "Do Virgins Taste Better?"
Dragons...virgins...the physics alone boggles the mind.
Are they salty, or sweeter, more juicy or what? )

"Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell," by Cake
Download "Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell"
With [livejournal.com profile] diraskyria, I've figured out what just about everything in this song symbolizes except for the barber. All I can think of is Sweeney Todd, which has little or nothing to do with what I think the song's about.
As soon as you're born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time )

"Red Hot," Vanessa Mae
Download "Red Hot"
Electric violin! My mom used to play the CD this was on a lot during dinner, and this was my favorite track off it.

"Nobody Told Me," John Lennon
Download "Nobody Told Me"
Goes very nicely with leftover beef stew, pita bread, a cup of tea, a new book, and the knowledge that since you're alone for the night, you can listen to one song as many times as you want while you eat and nobody will get up to fiddle with the CD player.
They're starving back in China, so finish what you got )

"St. James Infirmary Blues" the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and Cab Calloway (not at the same time)
Download Danny's version
Download Cab's version
I made my mom a mix CD of various Danny Elfman things, and she particularly likes their old, jazzy stuff. Danny sounds very odd and nasal on here, probably because he's doing a Cab Calloway voice, but it's still quite clearly Danny. Since this is a traditional blues song, there's a different set of lyrics for everyone who sings it; Danny's using Cab's version.
And give me six crap-shooting pallbearers )

I demand more phrases to keep me occupied through what may be a haze tomorrow. Ask!
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I still have an hour before class and I'm too scattered to study. So more songs!

[livejournal.com profile] ghostgecko requested:

Werewolves, without using "Werewolves of London" (too easy).

"Howl at the Moon," Cheryl Wheeler
Download "Howl at the Moon"
Less of a werewolf song than a rather sweet song about a pet canine. I like to imagine it's a werewolf boyfriend or girlfriend, although I doubt that's what she had in mind when she wrote it.
You lift your head when the breezes blow to voices older than time )

"Bad Dog," Chumbawamba
Download "Bad Dog"
Because this is Chumbawamba, the song is less about feral dogs and more about the upcoming proletariat/feminist/various-types-of-underclass revolution. Nevertheless, it is a nifty song.
Slip the lead fight fight my bark is softer than my bite )

"Wolfsblood," the Misfits
Download "Wolfsblood"
A discordant little song about a werewolf's transformation. I like the fact that Glenn Danzig just about sounds like he really is about to turn into a werewolf right in the recording studio.
And I feel my stomach split, and I know I'm not a man )

"Hungry Like the Wolf," Duran Duran
Download "Hungry Like the Wolf"
A New Wave werewolf, ravening monster re-imagined as horny socialite. A very literal definition of the term "sexual predator." So it's cheesy synth-pop, so what? It gets me revved up for White Wolf, anyway.
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you )

"Bark at the Moon," Ozzy Osbourne
Download "Bark at the Moon"
If Duran Duran is White Wolf, this song is the Black Spiral Dancers. And I'm pretty sure that only three people on my list will get that joke. A Wyrm-filled song of damnation and bloody vengeance.
Howling in shadows, living in a lunar spell )

That was fun and now I have a new soundtrack for LARPing as well. More requests please!
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A while ago, I asked y'all to contribute words or phrases for me to find no more than five songs to. This is still open, because I like sharing music that I love with people. Feel free to download these, even if you weren't the one who asked for them.
Note: All songs are stored on YouSendIt, so the links will expire in seven days,

[livejournal.com profile] tophet_perish's requests were:

A Modest Proposal

"Eat the Rich," Aerosmith
Download "Eat the Rich"
Just as Jonathan Swift's satirical essay suggests eating Irish babies as a way to keep down the population, this song suggests eating rich people in order to keep down the population.
And I think I can do more for you with this here fork and knife )

"Kill the Poor," the Dead Kennedys
Download "Kill the Poor"
On the flip side of the economic equation, of course. I believe that Dick Cheney has a copy of these lyrics marked "Instructions in case of proletariat uprising."
Jobless millions whisked away, at last we have more room to play )

"In Bloom," Nirvana
Download "In Bloom"
Let's take the vitriol down a notch with some Nirvana. As far as I can tell, this song is more about horny adolescents latching onto Kurt's songs without really understanding them, but it does include the line "Sell the kids for food."
Bruises on the fruit )

"Boiled Babies," Slayer
Download "Boiled Babies"
Now for some ear-bleeding instrumental thrashcore! I can't find the lyrics for it anywhere, but that doesn't really matter because it's impossible to understand them anyway.

"I Kill Children," the Dead Kennedys
Download "I Kill Children"
Is this a gross-out satire on the dangerous, violent environment in which American children are raised, or is Jell-O Biafra just a sick fuck who likes to stir up trouble? It's your call.
Feed 'em poison candy to spoil their Halloween )

Greek Tragedy

"Hercules," Elton John
Download "Hercules"
When I was a wee child listening to my Dad's LPs, I would imagine that this song was about a scrawny Greek philosopher whose Amazon girlfriend had been stolen away by the eponymous brawny hero. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was actually about a rhinocerous.
Me, I stay gritty up to my ears washing in a bucket of mud )

"River Man," Nick Drake
Download "River Man"
I couldn't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure this song is about Demeter begging Zeus to fetch her daughter Persephone back from Hades; the "river man" of the song is Charon. Or it could just be Nick wanting to raft down a river away from civilization, take your pick.
If he tells me all he knows about the way his river flows )

"Home At Last," Steely Dan
Download "Home At Last"
Technically, of course, the story of Odysseus is not a tragedy. It is an epic. This songs speaks of an Odysseus who never got home, whose "home at last" was the sea and its many islands, the song of the sirens and the perfumed embrace of witches.
She serves the smooth retsina, she keeps me safe and warm )

"Rocky Raccoon," the Beatles
Download "Rocky Raccoon"
Greek? Not technically. But it certainly contains some elements of Greek tragedy. Young Rocky must avenge his honor and get his woman back, but his hubris is his undoing--he can't beat Daniel. Or something. Actually, this reminds me more of "Dead Man" than anything else.
Rocky had come, equipped with a gun, to shoot off the legs of his rival )

"Gallows Pole," Led Zeppelin
Download "Gallows Pole"
We've just finished "The Eumenides" in Ancient Lit, so I think I can blather on about this one. The hangman in this case represents the Eumenides, or the Furies, who wrought vengeance on wrongdoers and could not be persuaded to leave their duties by silver or gold. Human sacrifice worked admirably, though, as did the soothing reason of Athena. But there's no Athena in this song, and so the poor narrator dies.
Take him to some shady bower, save me from the wrath of this man )

Dia de Lost Muertos

"No One Lives Forever," Oingo Boingo
Download "No One Lives Forever"
Download the live version of "No One Lives Forever"
No matter where you run, no matter where you try and hide, you know who's gonna catch you, just like he's gonna catch me...The last word in living for today.
So celebrate while you still can, 'cause any second it might end )

"You'll Have Time," William Shatner
Download "You'll Have Time"
BJ played this for me. GENIUS. William Shatner put out a CD called "Has Been" in which he sang duets with luminaries like Ben Folds and Henry Rollins (the one with Rollins, which is called "I Can't Get Behind That," is the most genius thing of all time.)
Johnny Cash, JFK, that guy in the Stones, Lou Gehrig, Einstein, and Joey Ramone )

"Dead Man's Party"
Download "Dead Man's Party"
Download the live version of "Dead Man's Party"
Danny sang this in Rodney Dangerfield's "Back to School," which is worth it mostly for his little performance and also for Sam Kinison as a screaming history professor. As [livejournal.com profile] drworm once pointed out, who else are you going to call if you want a really rockin' house party in 1986?
I hear the chauffeur coming to my door, he says there's room for maybe just...one...more... )

"Dia De Los Muertos," Voodoo Glow Skulls
Download "Dia De Los Muertos"
Insane mariachi ska punk with a lead singer who sounds like a skinnier Jello Biafra who's been hit in the face with a shovel. If you like Oingo Boingo, there is a very good chance that you will like this.
Although I took Spanish in high school, I can't translate the lyrics--if anyone can, they are welcome to. It still sounds great, though.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Dia de los muertos! )

"Remains of the Day," Danny Elfman
Download "Remains of the Day
Definitely the best part of "Corpse Bride." It cracks me up that you've got what amounts to a horny skeleton telling the small children watching the movie that they're going to die. It also cracks me up that Danny put a little tribute to the Boingo song "Dead or Alive" in the lyrics. See if you can catch it!
Die, die, we all pass away, but don't wear a frown 'cause it's really okay! )

[livejournal.com profile] handsomespeck's request was:


"Swelling Itching Brain," Devo
Download "Swelling Itching Brain"
Download the live version of "Swelling Itching Brain"
This song creeps me out in a wonderful sort of way. It makes my head itch.

"Grey Matter," Oingo Boingo
Download version one of "Grey Matter"
Download version two of "Grey Matter"
Download the live version of "Grey Matter"
Sometimes you just need a slap upside the head to remind you that there's actually something in there.
There's something inside your head )

"Braineaters," the Misfits
Download "Brain Eaters"
Zombie cuisine from the Misfits, the horror world's answer to the Ramones.
Brains for dinner, brains for lunch )

"(She's Got A) Brain-Scrambling Device," the Groovie Ghoulies
Download "(She's Got A) Brain-Scrambling Device"
I really want one of these.
I feel it in my head, power con-cen-tra-ted )

"Leave My Brain Alone," Zombina and the Skeletones
Download "Leave My Brain Alone"
Who says dead girls can't play punk rock?
It's a common case of a stolen brain )

I love doing these. Leave me a comment with a word or phrase and I'll find five songs about it for you.
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So I compiled this list when I was in a very strange mood, apparently, and just found it a couple of days ago. Here are some weird, snarly, iconoclastic, misanthropic, corner-sitting, tear-it-up-and-kiss-the-shreds, snailshell songs. There is a very good reason why Oingo Boingo is my favorite band and why Danny Elfman is my favorite composer.

Download it!
This is the closest you will ever hear Danny Elfman get to folk music: simple guitar strumming with a huge backing orchestra. It's an apparently straightforward narrative, which is unusual for this band. Almost like a fairytale. The question, of course, is determining exactly what happened to Mary--I've heard "she got hooked on meth," "she went to a Buddhist monastery," "she got pregnant," "she had visions," "she left a religious commune to go into the real world." The answer, of course, is that whatever happened to Mary is what happened to you.
And after a time, she became so sublime, she could look in people's eyes and read their minds )

"Why'd We Come (All This Way)"
Download it!
All this evolution stuff, was it really worth it? Despite all our apparent progress, aren't we really just monkeys with a little less hair and fancier sticks for poking termite mounds? And is this really a good thing? Should we have just backed the fuck away from that big humming monolith? Stayed in the trees?
Note the subtle ape noises in the background. I really like songs about evolution and/or monkeys.
We still fall in love though we know better )

"Clowns of Death"
Download it!
A scathing meditation on the dynamics of weakness, the need for power, pain and manipulation, as expressed through the metaphor of evil clowns. This metaphor is far more apt than most people realize, and not just because clowns scare the bejesus out of me anyway. God, Danny, why'd you have to pick clowns?
The Danny/Tim slash comm, [livejournal.com profile] clowns_de_mort, is named after this song.
And with a scream they pounce to kill and all the while they're laughing )

Download it!
A wonderful auditory freak show, complete with accordian-and-calliope carnival music. Just listening to it makes me dizzy sometimes.
The lyrics are a weird mix of twisted anger and total weakness, crippled impotent rage turned sour. Danny sounds hoarse and broken and ready to give up.
How did I end up in this little hell? )

"Burn Me Up"
Download it!
Less profound, more psychosis.
Would love to see one of those hardcore screamy punk bands do a cover of this. Danny's pretty much shrieking into the mic while the guitar's shredding everything else into little bits and the saxophone is just taunting him in the background.
I’m exhausted, I’m committed, I’m outsmarted, I’m outwitted )

Download it!
Best song ever. Gorgeous and dark and orchestral and sad and angry and twisted and beautiful and true and creepy and scary and demented. It's like "The Wall" squished into eight minutes of even more genius.
I finally managed to watch the video for this. Dolls hurting each other and little girls in dead white dresses cutting them up and apparently-institutionalized!Danny in monkey facepaint. Disturbing as fuck.
I am a virus, are you the cure? )

"New Generation"
Download it!
This reminds me of "Transmetropolitan" so much. A lot of this is like something Spider Jerusalem would say. Except with less swearing and spitting and threatening to disrupt peoples' bowels.
That, or "Brain Candy," the "Kids in the Hall" movie, the one where everybody started taking the new super-antidepressant that made them so happy they stopped moving...yeah.
Danny sounds like he's about to cry all during this song, particularly during the monologue in the middle.
Baptized in electronic water )

"This Vicious Cabaret" (sung by David J, written by Alan Moore)
Download it!
No, this one isn't by Danny, but it fits in with the general mood. I found it off [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily, where someone posted some "V for Vendetta" scans. (I really like [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily. Do you know how many libertarian-anarcho-paranoid superheroes there are? MORE THAN YOU THINK. The Question is only the beginning--there's Rorschach, Anarky, V, Spider Jerusalem...but I shall shut up and give you the lyrics before I get onto a rant about superheroes and fascism.
But the backdrops peel and the sets give way and the cast gets eaten by the play )

I's difficult for me to concentrate on something that I don't really want to concentrate on for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and if I take a few seconds out to type up a note for a song or an entry for [livejournal.com profile] statements, it's faster and less distracting overall than playing a quick game of Minesweeper or Tetris.
So since I've got a shitload of homework and little else to distract me, here's a challenge. Leave me a word or a topic and I'll go through my song library and find and post up to five songs pertaining to that topic.
kleenexwoman: A caricature of me looking future-y.  (Liverpool Fantasy)
I note that [livejournal.com profile] nextian has suggested here another alternative to the word "meme": the French word for "same," which is même. Pronounced like "creme," she says. I like this. Unfortunately, I can never remember how to type out the circumflex, and I spilled congealed mayonnaise and ketchup on the little square number pad you use for typing symbols anyway, so I'm not sure it'll work.

I can use it for the moment because it's on my clipboard. même même même Ha it's French.

So the même she used to introduce it is "five songs," in which you simply discuss five songs you like and set them up for download by others. Taking a break from "David Copperfield," here's my five.

1. "Vultures," by Oingo Boingo
Download it
I love this song. This is quickly replacing "Insanity" as my favorite Boingo song. I've been listening to it all day, while I was walking to the post office, while I was strolling Frat Row, everything. I found myself walking slowly and solemnly, as though I was in a procession.
It's so slow and weird, like a surreal death hymn. I want this song played at my funeral, if I can ever figure out what the lyrics mean. I think it's a surreal, post-apocalyptic animal fable. No, wait, it's about someone who's so sick of their life and being disappointed in love that they are just waiting to die and be reincarnated as an animal. Oh my god, no, it's a suicide song. Amazing.
Come fly with me right into the sun )

2. "Personal Jesus," covered by Marilyn Manson
Download it
Marilyn Manson's covers are excellent. The originals tend to be songs with emotional, even angsty lyrics, the styles of which are oddly restrained for their content. He takes these songs and infuses them with an incredible amount of passion and menace.
His original songs tend to really suck, though. They just try way too hard to be shocking or decadent, shoot their load in the lyrics and sound cynical and tired in the actual music, like a graying raver who's been up for 48 hours straight and just wants a nap.
I downloaded the Depeche Mode original and the Johnny Cash version after I heard this one, but I don't like either quite as much. The original is...all right, it depresses me. And Johnny Cash sounds way too sincere for this song, makes him sound like a televangelist.
Reach out and touch faith )

3. "Cemetry Gates" by the Smiths
Download it
[livejournal.com profile] lily_lemony sent me a bunch of Smiths songs about a week ago, and I am really enjoying listening to them. The lyrics are so fantastically Gothy and emo and sad and lovely, and the music is so smooth and inobtrusive and almost sunny. I love it.
I'm particularly liking "Cemetry Gates" because...well, it's kind of funny. Two Goths (or perhaps a couple of starry-eyed yet pretentious English majors) go into a cemetary, one starts quoting poetry, and the other calls them out on it. It's a weird, pretty smackdown. I can't stop listening to it.
You lose, 'cause weird lover Wilde is on my side! )

4. "Baby, Let's Play House," by Elvis Aaron "THE KING" Presley
Download it
My absolute favorite song off the "Sun Sessions" CD [livejournal.com profile] josephwaldman gave to me. Most of the other songs are quite simple, little snippets of emotion, mostly of love for one's girl, regret that one's girl has left one, or excitement at being able to rock, whether with one's girl or simply alone under the blue moon of Kentucky. Good down-home rock to boogie to.
This one's a little more...oh, shoot me...complex. There's a story behind this song. And it's particularly interesting to think about the difference between how you'd see it in 1956 versus in 2006.
In 1956, this is just a love song. The boy misses his girl, who's gone off to college, and he can't wait for her to come back home so that they can set up house and live happily ever after. He's probably worried that she's found a slick college fella who'll steal her heart away, and he doesn't want her to be that frat boy's fool.
In 2006, this is not a song that yer average independent woman would want to be serenaded with. The guy wants to drag her back from college so that she can start keeping house for him right away, and be his adoring girl like she was before. He's envious of her success, and scared that she might have found a man she likes better than him.
Isn't it great how perceptions change?
You may drive a pink Cadillac but don't you be nobody's fool )

5. "Let George Do It," by Becker & Fagen
Download it
Last Poetry Workshop, I expressed frustration with my inability to create a concrete narrative from poems, either my own or the ones of the other poets. "I don't get it! What do these lines have to do with each other? It's like a collection of inside jokes!"
Chris Williams had to explain it to me. "That's all poetry is, a collection of inside jokes. The trick is making other people think that they understand them."
Chris would love this song. Like most Steely Dan songs, it takes some effort to create a narrative out of the lyrics, and even then, it's definitely not what Don & Walt were thinking of when they wrote it. I won't even say what I think it means, because I don't want to color other peoples' perceptions of it. In any case, it's worth listening to; it's jazzy and swings and is totally cool, and Keith Thomas's voice is pretty good.
Try to design a postcard from your mind )

Oh, and here's a bonus, because I love you all so much and I'm psyched about having found this song.
6. "Summerfly," by Maura O'Connell
Download it
Maura O'Connell is just about the only female artist I really enjoy. She plays mostly rather straightforward, emotional Irish-tinged folk music. I'm trying to figure out what that instrument is in the background...dobro? It seems to me it's a dobro, although I can't tell instruments apart very well. Anyway, it's a very unusual sound, and the music itself is wonderful, very clear and well-put-together.
"Summerfly" is my favorite song by her. The emotion in her voice would move me to tears when I was a kid, although it took me years to really understand exactly what she was singing about.
Had to transcribe the lyrics myself here, since I can't find any online. so they may not be totally accurate.
I don't know why you even try to win )
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So about three people have tagged me for this "six favorite songs of the moment" meme. I haven't got my wireless card yet (this weekend looks good tho), but I did manage to find all six songs on CDs that I either have or have burned. So here you go: Click on the song names to download them from YouSendIt. And yes, this means you; I want people to download these, listen to them, and tell me how good they are and thank me for turning me on to a new band. Alternately, I want people to download these, listen to them, and tell me how much they suck and how I have terrible taste in music. Either one's OK, just as long as you hear them. And since I don't actually have work today because the manager-girl tends to screw up the calendar, I have time to type all this out.

My Six Favorite Songs Of The Moment

1. "Sorry Mr. Harris" by Tom Robinson Band, off TRB II.
The band: Tom Robinson Band was an obscure British rock-punk group from the late 1970s. Their songs tended to focus on political subjects, namely their hatred of the National Front (otherwise known as the British National Party, a racist and jingoistic political party that is sadly still in operation in England today), the growing fascism of the British government, and the difficulties of being openly gay in a political climate that still classified homosexuality as a disease (the World Health Organization classified it as Disease 302.0 until 1992).
The song: A funky and upbeat song about political torture. I'm not entirely sure who Mr. Harris or Mr. Jones are. On one hand, they could be simply common names chosen at random (they could be your next-door neighbor! Or YOU!). On the other hand, I'm inclined to believe that they represent actual political figures; this belief is based off a line in "Winter of '79" (off an earlier album): "That was the year Nan Harris died/And Charlie Jones committed suicide". I can't find anything on Wikipedia or Google about either name that seems at all relevant.
The lyrics:
I'm sorry if the soldiers have to hurt you, Mr. Harris )

2. "Two Against Nature" by Steely Dan, off Two Against Nature
The band: See my earlier entry all about Steely Dan.
The song: Voodoo! Zombies! Unnatural creatures and pagan demon-gods molesting vacationers in a ritzy Caribbean resort! The explanation at FeverDreams.Net isn't up because they've once again allowed their domain to expire, but when the site comes back up, it will be here. Also, all three books in the public library about Santeria or voudun are out, so I'll have to wait a couple weeks. For the nonce, we've got Wikipedia and Google, but there are very few good reference sites. Here's what little I've found about the creatures in the song:
Spider Queen Demon: Can't find anything besides a couple role-playing characters. Maybe they made it up for the song?
Madame Erzulie: Goddess of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury and flowers, according to the Wikipedia article.
Panatela and old black derby hat: Probably refers to Baron Samedi, loa of the dead and god of the crossroads. Looks like an unusually funky undertaker. Wears a top hat, not a derby, although "derby hat" does scan better.
Masissi: According to The Steely Dan Dictionary, "a slang (and deliberately offensive) word for homosexuals in Creole." Well.
T-Bone Angie: Ti bon ange, "little good angel" in French. According to this page, the ti bon ange is part of the soul, specifically the part responsible for personality and knowledge (consciousness, I guess).
Lew Garue: Loup garou, the French word for "werewolf." Damn cool.
Jerry Garry: I'm assuming this is an Anglicized name for a native god or creature, but I don't know what the original word is.
Two against nature slinging dread, these boys wanna bang the skulls of things undead )

3. "Insanity" by Oingo Boingo, off the Farewell Album. (For some reason, YouSendIt doesn't like the file. I know most of you probably have this song already, but if you don't, do E-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you.)
The band: Oh come on, you know this. New Wave group headed by Danny "Jack Skellington" Elfman, who went on to do most of the soundtracks for Tim Burton's movies and almost everything else. One of my favorite bands ever since [livejournal.com profile] ghostgecko got me to like them.
The song: One of my favorite songs ever. The orchestral composition is gorgeous and dark (and somehow manages to make xylophones sound badass). The lyrics are totally mad and completely lucid at the same time, mixing wonderfully vitriolic anti-fundamentalist invective with an extremely frightening love song. Sounds a little like someone took the best parts of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album and squished them into eight minutes of genius.
I'd love to listen to you while you're screaming in your sleep )

4. "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Iggy Pop and the Stooges, off I Wanna Be Your Dog.
The band: Iggy Vladimir Pop is often referred to as "the godfather of punk rock", and I'm not disputing that. Particularly famous for his wacked-out behavior during performances, including smearing peanut butter on himself and shoving the microphone into the jar, writhing around the stage on broken glass and hurting himself quite badly, and walking on people's hands. Also had a cameo appearance in Jim Marmusch's "Dead Man"; still looks sexy in a dress and bonnet.
The song: Is sex. The drums shake and tremble like virgins, the guitar is driving and raw as lust, the tambourines...I don't know, they're tambourines, what do you want? Iggy's voice is strained, needy, painful, and totally priapic. Ooh yes.
Now I wanna be your dog )

5. "Out Come The Freaks" by Was Not Was, off What Up Dog?
The band: Surreal funk rock from Oak Park. See my earlier post about them.
The song: The driving, unsympathetic bass line and sardonic lyrics contrast interestingly with the soft, almost compassionate voice of the singer and background vocals. I've got a cartoon music video to this song directed in my head; it's a pity I can't draw well enough to do a Flash cartoon or something.
The lyrics:
Woodwork squeaks and out come the FREAKS )

6. "Teenagers From Mars" by the Misfits, off Misfits.
The band: Creators of the little-known "splatterpunk" genre, the subject matter of which focuses on horror movies and monsters. Essentially, the Ramones with more songs about zombies. Glenn Danzig is really the only reason the band was ever good; when he left, the Misfits turned from splatterpunk to absolute shit, doing punk covers of weenie songs like "This Magic Moment" because the new lead singer thought it would be ironic. Glenn has a new band, simply called "Danzig", and he also starred on an episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."
The song: Unusually intelligent and literate lyrics for a song that's about teenage aliens raping and killing humans. The crunchy chainsawing chords sound like Glenn took a spacey theremin soundtrack, transcribed the notes, and used them to torture a guitar, and it works really really well.
The lyrics:
Inhuman reproduction, we’re here for what we want )
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I'm going home for Passover for the weekend, so this is a little Pesach present for everyone--a mix CD. There's no theme to this besides "songs that I like", unusually for me. Actually, there is, but it's not thematic. The mix:
Steely Dan songs that I think will inspire people in some way.
Why? Steely Dan is my favorite band. Ever, ever, ever. Even more so than the Beatles, with whom I was obsessed for a year. Even more so than Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin with their collections of sonic virtuosos. Even more so than Guns 'N' Roses, whose "Appetite for Destruction" album sparked my adolescent rebellion. Even more so than Oingo Boingo, and it's pretty hard to displace Oingo Boingo in my current pantheon of bands.
On the surface, this is kind of a weird choice. I am a hard-rocking nerd chick, after all, and Steely Dan is not hard in the least. (The lyrics maybe, but that's a different kind of hard entirely.) They're jazz rock, college rock, the kind of '70s fusion that got played by baby hipsters in dorm rooms and coffeeshops instead of in discos and arenas.
They even sound old. This isn't music that's cool because your dad used to listen to it when he was a teenager, this is music that your dad still listens to. Nobody under the age of 45 knows who these guys are. I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis just humming "Hey, Nineteen." (Granted, "Hey, Nineteen" would make anyone feel like having a midlife crisis so that they could sleep with teenagers who don't know who Aretha Franklin is. "She thinks I'm crazy, but I'm just growing old...")
It's good music, though. Jazz fusion (not lame-ass soft jazz, good Charlie Parker stuff), blues structures, seemingly simple lyrics with incredibly obfuscated meanings. There's even a page for decoding the lyrics and references: FeverDreams.Net. The themes are deceptive, universal, often subversive (once you figure out what they're talking about, anyway).
I started listening to Steely Dan because my dad would play "Can't Buy A Thrill" to get me to go to sleep when I was young. He pulled out his old records this summer, and hearing them was like being 7 years old again. (This has happened with Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Hot Rize...Dad has good taste in music. He's something of a frustrated music critic, I think.)
Why inspired? This is really just a sneaky, weaselly attempt to make people write songfics for a band I'm forcing them to listen to. "Reeling in the Years" is off-limits only because I already used it. Anyway, there's only one of you drooling mofos on my list who even likes Steely Dan, and I feel it is my cultural duty to educate you. Actually, I don't even mind if nobody writes songfics at all. Just tell me what you think of the songs. Or give me money, money is always good. I promise I will forward most of it to Walter Fagen and Donald Becker.
And if that doesn't grab you, keep in mind that the band name is taken from the homoerotic paranoid drug Beat classic "Naked Lunch." In the book, Steely Dan is the name of someone's pet dildo.
There. Now get downloading. All songs are hosted on YouSendIt.Com, so they will be available until around midnight, Friday, April 29th.

1. "Pretzel Logic", off Pretzel Logic
This song is canonically about time travel. Don and Walt have said so in many, many interviews. Unrelatedly, there is a snack store named after this song. I would eat there, just for the hell of it, but I hate pretzels.
Download Pretzel Logic.
Other people explain "Pretzel Logic"
I stepped up on the platform, the man gave me the news )

2. "My Old School", off Countdown to Ecstasy
Nostalgia for a place you couldn't wait to leave behind. Alternately, it's about a high school kid who gets his girlfriend "in trouble." Any way you interpret it, it's one hell of a cheery song.
Download My Old School.
Other people explain "My Old School"
California tumbles into the sea, that'll be the day I go back... )

3. "Reeling In the Years", off Can't Buy A Thrill
I like this song so much I named a fic after it. This song reminds me a lot of my father, or at least of our relationship. It's a good daddy issues song, seen from the other side. But hey, who doesn't love daddy issues?
Download Reeling In The Years.
Other people explain "Reeling In The Years"
You've been telling me you're a genius since you were seventeen )

4. "Midnight Cruiser", off Can't Buy A Thrill
I'm going to name my first car this. Ironically, it's not a car song at all. I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but it always makes me a little bit sad.
Download Midnight Cruiser.
Other people explain "Midnight Cruiser"
The time of our time has come and gone )

5. "I.G.Y.", off The Nightfly
Stands for "International Geophysical Year." This song always reminds me of the early Heinlein/Asimov stories about fabulous futuristic innovations--so optimistic, so enthusiastic. :sigh: If only the future had been like this.
Download I.G.Y., live version.
Other people explain "I.G.Y."
You've got to admit it, at this point in time it's clear that the future looks bright )

6. "King Of The World", off Countdown to Ecstasy
This song makes me look forward to a post-nuclear-apocalypse scenario. In a good way, because it's actually about the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse.
Download King Of The World.
Other people explain "King Of The World"
You and I will spend the day driving in my car through the ruins of Santa Fe )

7. "Two Against Nature", off Two Against Nature
Voodoo! Zombies! Unnatural creatures and pagan demon-gods molesting vacationers in a ritzy Caribbean resort! This movie, once made, will star Jeff Combs and Bruce Campbell.
Download Two Against Nature.
Other people explain "Two Against Nature"
Two against nature slinging dread, these boys wanna bang the skulls of things undead )

8. "Godwhacker", off Everything Must Go
Just what it sounds like--a theocidal detective agency. This song ought to be made into a video game or an anime or something.
Download Godwhacker.
Other people explain "Godwhacker"
We track your almighty ass through seven heaven-worlds--me, Slinky Redfoot, and our trusty angel-girls )

9. "With A Gun", off Pretzel Logic
The first half of this song reminds me of "Dead Man." The second half reminds me of "River's Edge." However, the plot has nothing to do with either of these, and is in fact a story complete in itself.
Download With A Gun.
Other people explain "With A Gun"
You hide in the bushes, murder the man with Luger in hand )

10. "Do It Again", off Can't Buy A Thrill
Reincarnation and karma in the Old West. Very popular song, relatively speaking; it's the only Steely Dan song I've ever heard being played on the radio.
Download Do It Again.
Other people explain "Do It Again"
But the hangman isn't hanging, and they put you on the street )

If people like these, I'll make another list sometime.


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