Jan. 30th, 2010 01:03 am
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Large pictures of a bracelet I made )

It's glass pearl beads with metal spacers, base of tigertail. I'm trying to figure out how much to sell it for--one friend said $50, another said $7. That's kind of a wide range.

I might need to take a better picture of it; the dark beads have this really nice, slightly iridescent property the camera didn't quite get. And I'm thinking I may need to restring it, since it's been a while since I've worked with tigertail. I have materials for two more identical bracelets, though, or one necklace with the same materials.

I want to put this up on Etsy, but I looked at the "featured" stuff and they're all real gems and silver and gold with glowing descriptions, aah can't afford that shit. And I think it may be too monochrome and restrained to be popular. I think it's classy, but chunky colorful stuff seems to be in right now. I don't know, would you buy a bracelet like this? For how much? (and if anyone wants to make me an offer and save me the twenty cents of listing it on Etsy, let me know.)

[ profile] drworm suggested I learn to make bead flowers. I do have a lot of seed beads.
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This picspam is huge and has three parts. This is part I. Part II will be the Historic District, part III will be the cemetary.

Nature! )

More downtown Farmington and the library )
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I took a walk and took some pictures.

Pineapple houses and haunted Masonic halls )


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