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The inside of the Prague compound smells of dead earth and old paper, musty and choking. They smash the carefully sculpted arms and legs and torsos they find in the laboratory, showering the floor with clay. Illya rifles through sheets of crabbed Hebrew he knows are not innocuous as code.

They find Professor Bergl’s severed head in a corner in the laboratory, mouth open in shock, three Hebrew characters--aleph mem tav--carved into the temple. There’s a trail of dry red splashes leading to the smashed door, but it’s impossible to tell by now if they’re clay or blood.
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Illya was seven, and he feared the rusalka in the pond. He saw her blonde hair waving like seaweed, her eyes warm as sky, decoys for the rotting monster he knew lay beneath. He knew she stretched out her long white arms not to hold him, but to drag motherless boys down into the cold.

Through Moscow, Oxford, Paris, New York, he thinks he has left her behind. But he sees her treacherous eyes and strangling arms in the woman his best friend swears is an angel, like her name. Napoleon has no fear, and Illya knows he will drown.

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I wrote this as a final assignment for Jeffery Weinstock's "Vampires in Film and Literature" class. It was an excellent class; we traced the development of the pop-culture vampire from "Varney the Vampire" on, and discussed the use of the vampire as a symbol and what it meant.

This is a Stephen King parody, and I've tried to replicate his typical protagonist and as much of his voice as I could handle.

Shadow Staking )
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There was this kid in my Advanced Poetry class who idolized Charles Bukowski, and he liked to write poems about fucking girls and how he saw this broad with big tits in the post office or whatever, and he did this all the time, and I got really, really tired of it. He was a decent guy and gave good feedback, so I figured he wasn't a total tool, but might have not realized how bringing in poems about the same thing every week might have come off, so I wrote this and brought it in and mentioned that I'd been inspired by him and his poetry. He actually got it and thought it was hilarious, and then the class had a discussion about sex and sexism in poetry and different ways to approach those subjects. And the poem got published in the Central Review.

[When My Baby Got Back From the Wilds of Tibet] )
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Another piece that was heavily inspired by "Re-Animator" but isn't quite fanfic about it. I wrote this to convince an ex-girlfriend of mine that we were not meant to be. It worked, but not quite in the way I planned. (But it still worked.)

All the Pieces )
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I wrote this for [personal profile] drworm when one of his rats died as a sort of weird little consolation story. See, there's this little finger critter in "Bride of Re-Animator" that I thought was really cute, and it got squashed, and I wanted it to find a home with someone I knew would love it and care for it.

The Hand )


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