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I wrote this for the Yuletide Treasure thing last year. I totally love this series, but for some reason, this is the only thing I've ever written on my own for it. Most of the squeeing and storytelling I do for it is with [personal profile] drworm over IM, and that's really how I like it. Even this was based off our conversations. I do think it turned out well.

Traces )
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I wrote this for [personal profile] drworm when one of his rats died as a sort of weird little consolation story. See, there's this little finger critter in "Bride of Re-Animator" that I thought was really cute, and it got squashed, and I wanted it to find a home with someone I knew would love it and care for it.

The Hand )
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I wrote this for an anonymous Secret Santa. Stuff like that seems to be the only thing that will get me to actually finish whole stories in this fandom. Anyway, the prompt that I used was "bureaucracy," and I couldn't figure out what to do with it, then the day I graduated I took some acid that I'd had sitting in the freezer for six months, and in the middle of the (rather disappointing) trip, I figured out what the story was going to be about. It worked that time, but I suspect this method may be a one-trick pony.

The Electric Espresso Acid Test )


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