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So I'm playing D&D at a friend's house, and he is courteous enough to cook a meal for everyone coming over--broiled steaks, pasta with pesto, and pizza rolls for appetizers. After dinner, everyone is sitting around preparing their characters, and he asks, "Does anyone want more? Steak? Pasta? ...Salad, perhaps?"

Everyone murmurs that they'd like more pasta and pizza rolls, and I say, "Salad sounds great. Let me do something?" He looks slightly flummoxed, so I decide that I will go ahead and make my own salad, because he has the pizza rolls and pasta covered, and they are fairly simple, but assembling a salad can be labor-intenstive. While he does that, I go rummage around in the vegetable drawer. I find some big fat sugar snap peapods, baby tomatoes, baby bell peppers, and cucumbers, and slice up a few things and arrange them on a plate, like so:

Salad plate )

He was impressed. "Very orderly!"

"Do you want me to make you one?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I don't eat vegetables."

"No...vegetables? Ever?" I munched. The peas were delicious, the cucumbers okay. The tomatoes had suffered somewhat from being in the fridge (tomatoes do NOT go in the fridge, they lose flavor), but the peppers were tasty and really cool.

"Here's how I think of it," he explained, as we went back into the living room. "Meat...is good. Vegetables are the opposite of meat. Therefore, vegetables are bad."

I was going to argue that his premise AND reasoning AND conclusion was all wrong, because it would have been one of the few times I would have been able to out-argue this particular friend, but then we started the game and outwitting Daleks was more of a priority than discussing nutrition.

But what the fuck? We are not talking about someone who lives in a food desert and has no access to fresh foods or time to cook; we are talking about an upper-middle-class person who clearly knows how to cook and has been doing so for a while, whose parents had a wide range of ingredients and pre-packaged foods in their fridge and pantry. The sad thing is that this is not the first friend I have had who has utterly despised vegetables and refused to eat them on what appears to be general principle. (And it's usually geeks, and it's usually geek guys, at least in terms of people who've actually announced this as though it's something to be proud of.)

I don't get it. Not all vegetables taste the same, not all of them have the same texture. A bell pepper feels and tastes different from a cucumber from a carrot from romaine lettuce. Why all vegetables? Does anyone have any insight on this phenomenon? Some sort of food-related rebellion or trauma? Unusual sensitivity to fiber? Misguided machismo?
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I want a Muenster cheese and cucumber sandwich more than anything but I can't figure out whether I should put butter or mustard on it. Why is this such a huge quandary for me? ETA: I'm making both. Further ETA: I made two, with really thick toasted Italian herb bread with butter and mustard, one layer of thick-sliced cucumbers, and two layers of thin-sliced Muenster. And had some lemon water. FUCKING DELICIOUS and also surprisingly filling for tea-party food. Also, for the first time in days, my stomach doesn't hurt!

Also, I think I figured out where my lesbian angel story wants to go. Does anyone reading this have any experience with deicide? Can you give me some pointers? I'm not sure whether I want to do the Mr. Teatime thing or the Philip Pullman thing or whether there's a new way of dispatching a deity that I don't know about.
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Next up: Fried potato slices.
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The bacon cookies turned out OK. Crunchy, and not too bacony--it's like a hint of bacon with a lot of semi-sweet chocolate and some cinnamony maple flavor. I put too much cinnamon in the glaze, and too much water, so it got a little thin and soaked into the cookies instead of sitting on their tops, but I think it still tastes OK. I don't like super-sweet things anymore anyway--I do like my cookies burnt and savory--so it's pretty much the perfect cookie.

I've also decided that I'm going to just be vegetarian after the bacon cookies are finished, and try to slowly phase out dairy and eggs from my diet. It's a lot easier to eliminate all meat than it is all dairy--I do like cheese, I don't really like black coffee, and soy milk still tastes weird to me, even in small doses mixed with things. I need to get some tahini, some nutritional yeast, maybe some quinoa. These seem expensive. :( I also want to make salsa. ...suddenly, I want to make lots of things from scratch.

If I'm making meaningless changes in my life, at least I'm trying to make good ones.
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Last night I made hummus in a blender. I couldn't find any tahini, so I used some drained garbonzo beans, a little too much garlic, a little too much lemon juice, and some olive oil; it ended up tasting a little gross, so I added some teriyaki sauce (it had sesame seeds...) and some peanut butter. It doesn't taste quite like hummus, but it tastes okay. I had some on a sandwich with salted tomato slices and pane rustica. After I use this batch up, I'm going to go to a few more stores and see if I can find tahini.

After class today I'm going to bake me some bacon and chocolate chip cookies! I have a volunteer who's paying for the ingredients. :) We're going to use fake bacon if we can find it, but if not, real bacon will be used and I will make an exception to my new no-meat policy for the sake of experience.
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...so I'm going to go vegan!

I've tried this before, but it didn't take because I just wanted meat too much. Also, because I figured that if I ate any meat or animal products, it would make me Not Vegan and would mean that I had failed in it, like xBREAKINGxEDGEx. (Not that I'm breaking edge, because I'm not xSTRAIGHTxEDGEx, because it's against at least one of my religions. I have four at last count.)

ANYWAY. I haven't really wanted meat for a while; beef has been tasting greasy, I don't care about chicken, haven't been eating pork, and there are only so many things you can do with salmon or tuna before it gets boring. So there's that. I also haven't really been eating cheese, and the only milk I've had is in coffee. And I'm not supposed to eat a lot of soy because it will fuck up my estrogen levels which are already fucked up enough, so I will have to get used to drinking black coffee, which I don't have a major problem with.

The only things I really like which I will have to give up are delivered pizza and that Arizona Iced Tea with honey in it. Which I can do without. (ETA: Also lox bagels with cream cheese, and kielbasa. Darn it. Well, I only get to eat those when I'm at home, so we'll see how I feel next time I get back down there. Maybe I will heroically resist temptation or maybe I won't want them by then or maybe I'll just say, "Screw it, I am going to treat myself.) Shall also have to inform the couple with which I play D&D and who make meat-heavy meals, but I think they will be cool with it.

I'm also going to just apply it to my diet at first; not going to give away my leather jacket or anything. One thing at a time. Doing leads to thinking--if being a dietary vegan starts making me care more about animal rights, then we'll see. I'm mostly doing this because I'd like to lose some weight and not have a heart attack at age 50. And I'm also going to go exercise right now because of that.

...and then I'm going to go home and call my parents and do my homework. I AM SUCH A BUSY LITTLE BEE TODAY

ETA: Almost ironically, now I want bacon. I was planning on making bacon-and-chocolate-chip cookies with maple glaze later in the week anyway (with faux bacon now).


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