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Grand River Avenue leads into this town that used to be the capitol of Michigan and now is this sad tourist trap inhabited mostly by ghosts. If you're good enough, you can go back in time to when the downtown wasn't shabby and peeling and empty and filled with blowing trash. It was crowded and noisy, and they had this circus that drove people mad, but I could only stay there for a few moments. I never got to get into the circus tent.

The freeways are places in their own right. They're full of secret clubs and folklore about exits, full of little traps that if you drive into them will take your car to strange and dangerous places. The bike paths along them have their own folklore--the 275 trail is said to have a magical bike shop, where an old man will fix your bike for free and dispense mysterious and life-changing advice.

The planet was being attacked by shape-shifting aliens. The inhabitants, barbarians all, thought that you could tell the aliens from the humans because humans all had "soul gems" that were attached to them somehow and glowed. I was an agent from the future sent back to help them, and I was trying to hide the fact that I didn't have a soul gem from them, because we'd all figured out after a few centuries that soul gems were superstitious nonsense.

The Doctor's new companion was a woman with an abusive husband. She had been living with him for ten years and the Doctor couldn't stand it anymore. They went and rescued a girl from the future who had been genetically programmed to be a genius, but something went wrong, and every time she tried to think above a certain level, she would get these horrible migraines that eventually gave her convulsions--so solving any problem became a sort of balancing act with her migraines. The Doctor thought she only had a little while to live. The Doctor wasn't sure why both of his companions seemed so sad and never sassed him back.
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